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why blue bay Web Design?

We believe in good, old-fashioned customer service. We will always do all we can to help you achieve your goals.

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We specialise in creating beautiful effective websites at affordable prices.

Wherever you live, we can create a website for you. Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire many of our customers are from local towns such as Stevenage, Welywn Garden City, Letchworth, Hatfield, Luton, St Albans, but we are also more than happy to create websites for clients from a much wider area, and internationally too.


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About Blue Bay Web Design

When we founded Blue Bay Web Design we wanted to be different.

We feel that first class customer service is a rarity in 21st century Britain, and that should not be the case. Everyone can think of a time when dealing with a particular company has left them feeling frustrated, annoyed, and very under-valued. Even little things that should be painless are often incredibly frustrating, such as being stuck in an automated telephone system when you just need to speak to someone. All too often businesses focus on short-term profit margins instead of providing great customer service.

While we can't change the rest of the world, we can absolutely guarantee that we will treat you fairly, and  honestly.

We are not a huge, faceless corporation. We are small, friendly, and helpful. If you cannot get through on the phone then please leave a message and we will call you back - guaranteed. If you email we should reply to you within a few hours, often within the hour, but almost certainly the same day.

Our promises

Keep up-to-date with design trends and techniques.

Use plain English - NOT jargon.

Always act in your best interests - not ours.

Be flexible in our approach to helping you.

Work hard to keep the customer happy.

Never outsource work.