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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the practice of fine tuning your site to achieve a favourable position in the returned search results presented to the user. That simply means that it is better if your website is listed on the first page of the search results than on page five.

There are many search engines used today but the most widely used search engine, by a large margin, is Google. Microsoft's Bing and Yahoo search are also popular. The information below relates to virtually all search engines, not just Google.

How is a good position achieved?

Unfortunately, no-one can guarantee to get your site to the top position on Google. If someone claims they can then please walk away. There are a variety of techniques that can be employed in an attempt to cheat the system (so called Black Hat techniques) but Google is getting better at spotting these methods and penalises websites for doing so. It is far better go adopt the correct approach and with work and patience your site should achieve a favourable position.

The goal of number one position on Google is an ever moving target. Google is constantly changing the ways in which it determines a site's importance and relevance to a particular search query. Not too many years ago SEO was almost entirely determined by the design and construction of the website. This meant carefully crafting the underlying code (HTML) to be as efficient as possible, having carefully chosen keywords within the text of your pages, choosing page names and file names wisely, and so on. Effectively, a site's SEO started and ended with the web designer.

Things are now somewhat different. While the above is still relevant, there are now other factors which are thought to be just as valuable in any SEO strategy.

"Content is King"

This phrase largely speaks for itself. The content of your website is of vital importance to a search engine, after all, Google wants to return the most relevant websites in response to a search query.  Your content needs to be as relevant to your business as possible.

In addition to the code and content of your pages, there are other useful practices which are sometimes referred to as  'off-site' activities. As the term suggests, this means activites which are external to the website itself, and these are almost always undertaken by the website owner rather than the developer. It is important that your site has as large an online presence as possible. This can be achieved by having a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a Blog, and also regularly contributing to online forums. It is useful to create lots of links which point back to your site, so if your business is called "J B Plumbing" then it's useful to give advice on plumbing and DIY websites where you can often add your web address to the bottom of your posts, something like this:

.......I hope that helps.

Regards, Jim Brown -

If you regularly give good advice not only will you feel the warm glow garnered from helping others but you can be sure people will visit your site from the forum. This also applies to Twitter.

It can be beneficial to incorporate a blog in your website. A blog can be easily updated by the website owner with new content. Again, if this content is interesting, useful, and relevant then it all helps to boost your site's relevance in the eyes of the search engine.

Remember, it takes time and effort to achieve an good ranking on Google.


Search engines do not see web pages in the same way that humans do. They do not care about the fabulous photos on your page or the stylish colour scheme you have chosen for your pages. They look at the underlying code of the web page, called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This HTML code is the actual textual content of the page and from there they determine exactly what the site is about. Other information proves useful such as location eg, Letchworth Car Auctions page is about car auctions in Letchworth, obviously.